Electric Hoists And Manual Hoists

Materials Handling Systems, Inc. offers a variety of electric and manual hoists designed to meet the specific demands of your project.

Electric hoists usually fall into one of two categories: Chain Hoists or Wire Rope Hoists.

Electric chain hoists are designed to provide reliability and are commonly used to lift less than 7.5 tons. They may be less expensive than electric wire rope hoists, and provide true vertical lift for applications requiring extreme precision.  Electric chain hoists can also be used on single, double or box girder cranes and provide the operator with speed controls which allow for more accurate positioning of the load.

Wire rope hoists are used for heavier applications (usually more than 10 tons), and are very fast and efficient in lifting. They are designed for areas with low headroom that need to get the highest lift possible.

Manual Chain Hoists are a lower cost alternative and can be a practical choice in low headroom areas.  They can be attached to a trolley on an overhead crane or installed on a fixed point.  The capacity of a manual chain hoist can vary from just a few hundred pounds, up to a max of around 10 tons.