Belt & Belt Incline Conveyors

Belt Conveyors are useful in conveying packages of varying weights and sizes. They are commonly used in assembly lines for manufacturing and distribution, sorting, packing and inspection operations, and anywhere positive conveyance is required. Several options are available for medium to heavy duty use, including a roller bed design to reduce belt friction and provide greater capacity or a steel slider bed to accommodate odd shaped items.

Belt Incline Conveyors are useful in conveying packages between two different elevations. This could include a floor-to- floor incline or as a booster conveyor in gravity flow systems. Inclines are easily adjustable and powered feeder sections and nose-overs ensure smooth transitions from horizontal to incline to horizontal planes.

Slider Bed Power Conveyor Belt

Slider Bed Power Conveyor

  • Where power, performance and efficiency are needed, slider bed conveyors do the job.
  • Designed for semi-permanent installation to move parts, packages, etc.
Mini-Veyors Conveyor Belt


  • Designed to efficiently handle small parts in areas where space is limited.
  • Narrow 2-1/2″ profile fits in hard to reach places.
Parts-Veyor Conveyor Belt


  • This rugged and dependable inclined conveyor moves product from one level to the next.
  • Engineered for superior performance and efficiency.
  • Cleated belt keeps the material from tumbling under extreme incline conditions.
Slim Line Power Conveyor

Slim Line Power Conveyor

  • Affordable portable conveyor that is ideal for loading/unloading, incline transfer of packages or machine filling requirements.
  • Lightweight for fast set-up, take-down.

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