Guarding & Fall Protection Systems

Wilgard® Steel Guard Rail Systems

When it comes to protective guard rail for your facility, you now have three powerful choices to protect your valuable inventory, equipment, machinery, and most importantly, your people. With the expansion of Wildeck’s industry-leading Wilgard ® guard rail brand, the new Wilgard ® XT (XTra Tough), Wilgard ® MT (Medium Toughness), and Wilgard ® LT (Lighter Toughness) guard rail systems offer a wider range of impact resistance than any other U.S. manufacturer. More Information: Wilgard® Steel Guard Rail Systems

Wilgard® End-of-Aisle Rack Protectors

Wilgard® End-of-Aisle Rack Protectors are “Made-in-the-USA” and have a durable, safety yellow paint finish that can take the punishment that carts, pallet jacks, and forklift trucks dish out every day. When properly secured to your concrete floor with the included anchors, Wilgard® rack protectors will help guard your investment without affecting aisle traffic flow patterns. More Information: Wilgard® End-of-Aisle Rack Protectors

Steel Safety Bollards

Safety Bollards help protect warehouse equipment from scratches and dents, and employees from accidents, by creating a vertical physical barrier from fork trucks. Strong protection is provided by a square steel tube, measuring 5″ x 5″ x 3/16″, welded to a 10″ x 10″ x 3/8″ base plate, topped with a galvanized steel cap. Safety bollards are available in heights of 24″, 36″, and 42″.

Protect loading dock doors, in-plant office corners, and warehouse equipment. More Information: Wildeck Steel Safety Bollards

Laddergard™ Ladder Safety Swing Gate

High-traffic access ladders can present many risks and are often located in obscure areas. Wildeck’s Laddergard™ is the perfect cost-effective solution to improve safety in your facility. More Information: Laddergard™ Ladder Safety Swing Gate

Wildeck’s self-closing Laddergard™ Safety Swing Gates are adjustable to fit openings from 16” to 40” and comply with OSHA 1910.23 safety requirements.

Laddergard™ gates are easy to install and have been designed for maximum durability and reliability. They are painted safety yellow for high visibility and feature a tough polyurethane finish that can withstand harsh industrial environments. All installation hardware and mounting instructions are included.

EdgeGard™ Loading Dock Gates

EdgeGard™ Dock Gates from Wildeck are durable, reliable and safe. They are easy to install and operate, and provide an effective barrier for personnel and equipment working near open dock doors, truck loading pits or other hazardous areas.

EdgeGard™ Dock Gates have Wildeck® quality built in. They are available as a Straight-Rail Gate, or unique Folding-Rail design that protects wider openings and minimizes the required clearance height. When properly anchored, EdgeGard™ gates meet the 200 lb. OSHA 1910.23 load force protection requirement. More Information: EdgeGard™ Loading Dock Gates

Overhead Safety Gate

Safe and efficient movement of palletized material to and from your mezzanine is a requirement and the Wildeck Overhead Safety Gate delivers every time.

Designed for smooth and reliable operation, the Overhead Safety Gate occupies a small footprint and protects workers and material from falling off the mezzanine. We stock the Overhead Safety Gate in safety yellow so they are ready to ship quickly.

You’ll be glad you specified a Wildeck Overhead Safety Gate – because quality and safety matter. More Information: Wildeck Overhead Safety Gate

Fall Protection Systems

Gorbel’s Fall Protection Systems provide reliable and cost-effective overhead fall protection and reduce the risk of injury in elevated work environments. Choose between Gorbel’s ceiling mounted fall protection systems or free standing fall protection systems to find the solution that’s right for your facility.

Gorbel’s Ranger Mobile Anchor is the portable fall arrest system you’ve been looking for. This towable fall protection anchor is ideal for maintaining and repairing aircraft, industrial equipment or heavy machinery, or for any elevated application that demands mobility. More Information: Fall Protection Systems


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