This Canadian automotive manufacturer needed to add overhead lifting equipment to their facility that  had been converted from a warehouse to a manufacturing operation. They needed to be able to lift engines and transmissions onto a production line and then transfer the completed assemblies onto shipping pallets at the end of the line.
In the first work cell, sub-components for engines and transmission parts are brought to the work cell for assembly via lift trucks in palletized loads. The first bridge goes into action right at the start of production. The operator uses the crane to pick up an engine from the pallets at the side of the work cell and with the help of the electric chain hoist moves the load and places it on a sub-assembly stand.
While on the stand, parts are added to the engine by an operator using another bridge. The engine assembly is then transferred to a fixture for mating with the transmission. The transmissions are introduced to the process by a lateral feed conveyor, and are then carried by bridge three to the pallet that holds the engine.
Gorbel® Solution:
The customer chose Free Standing Bridge Crane systems to serve their engine/transmission assembly lines because the building could not support Ceiling Mounted Bridge Cranes. The bridge crane system has three bridges on a single runway which is 86’ long. Each bridge serves a work area that is approximately 28’ long.