A Company that manufactures food processing machinery was looking to improve their production processes. Ergonomic justification was the goal of the project along with safety and protection of the machinery in the cell. In this application, the workers were required to load steel parts into a sophisticated CNC milling machine in a work cell that is 30’x60.’ The machines were being loaded by forklifts. This was awkward, inefficient, and not safe for workers. The steel chucks and maintenance parts were too heavy to load into the machine safely without a crane.

The Solution: A Free Standing Gorbel Work Station Crane was perfect for the application. The customer opted for tractor drives in order to control the speed as parts were moved around the expensive machinery in a work cell. The customer also liked the modular aspect of the crane system, as it helped what would have been a tricky installation around the existing CNC machines.

The workers reaction to the new equipment was very positive. They like the ease of use and the added safety in their work cells.


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