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Worker Platforms

Southworth offers Elevating Worker Platforms for assembly or maintenance operations where large structures, such as aircraft or manufactured assemblies, must be accessed at varying heights.

These custom designed worker platforms eliminate the risks and the hassles commonly associated with ladders and scaffolding and provide the speed, flexibility, and security  of a powered variable height work platform to create a more productive work environment.

Multi-Lift PlatformMulti-Lift Platform

This platform is designed to travel up and down while carrying workers and several smaller lifts.  Workers position the main lift at the appropriate height to access parts and material stock.  Once items have been picked, they are placed on the smaller lifts so workers can position them at a comfortable height for assembly and packaging.

Special Features:

  • Custom-built round platform power traverse lifts that interface with main platform lift via rounded cutouts.
  • Four 2,000 lb capacity worker lifts.
  • Custom retractable hand rails.
  • Non-skid anti-static platform surface.
  • Complete bellows skirting.

Heavy Equipment AssemblyHeavy Equipment Assembly

This platform is designed to provide workers with convenient access to all sides of construction equipment during the assemble process. Its U-Shaped configuration allows multiple workers to access different areas of equipment at the same time.

Special Features:

  • Sliding Bridge Plates
  • Anti-Static Decking
  • Removable Swing Out Gates

Worker Platform

Worker Platform

Worker Platform