Hawe North America was an existing Gorbel user when they discovered they had a problem with a new product assembly workflow. This new work cell required workers to “pick and place” large parts during the assembly process of hydraulic power units. The power units themselves were large, awkwardly shaped, and weighed up to 2000lbs.

The company was concerned about ergonomics and safety issues for its workers, but the immediate solution of a forklift had numerous problems. The limited mobility would slow down production beyond the acceptable, and safety for the workers would still be a major issue. In addition, the cost of the equipment, coupled with the inevitable maintenance costs to keep the forklifts running, appeared to be a poor investment for such limited benefits.

A Gorbel system was the obvious best choice as the company had been extremely happy with Gorbel products, warranty, and service for other assembly applications in the past. So instead of forklifts, the company chose to go with two freestanding 19 ft side by side Gorbel Aluminum Bridge Systems with 63ft steel runways and 2000lb capacity. The two systems share common center posts.


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