A manufacturer of small stamped metal parts used in automobile manufacturing was looking to reorganize and expand their manufacturing work cell space. Previously, the company had metal and stamping machines placed in a line approximately 80’ in length and 40’ wide. The machines were under one overhead crane that had to service all loading/unloading of metal raw materials, (weighing up to 1000lbs.), as well as handle all material movements and assist with lifting the heavy progressive dies.

The goal was to increase productivity by reorganizing the machines to maximize product flow as well as make space to add additional machines to increase production. The company decided to go with three Gorbel free standing workstation cranes. The large numbers of stamping machines were moved under two separate ½ ton cranes, and the forming machines were placed under the 1 ton crane. Motorized trolleys were then added to the cranes to increase safety and productivity during the frequent, necessary movements of materials during the production process.

The company wanted a system that was not only customized to their present needs, but also able to be added to later to accommodate production expansion or moved easily if future growth required. The company is very happy with their new Gorbel workstation cranes and workers have made positive comments about the ease of maintenance and improved safety during the production process.


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