In a low headroom situation, every inch counts. Heck, in some applications – every sixteenth of an inch counts. Whether you’re in the basement of a foundry or an in plant office, there are times when finding the right solution comes down to getting just enough potential lift when it seems impossible. 
That’s where Gorbel’s ‘nested trolley’ comes to the rescue.

Untitled2-thumb-234x175-48A ‘nested trolley’ uses two parallel rails, whether they are the bridges of a crane or two stationary rails for straight, monorail-like movement. The rails support the trolley, which is a box-like assembly that supports the hoist and raises it up to reclaim the hook travel you would have lost with the hoist suspended from a traditional trolley.

In this photo, you see a dual girder bridge supporting a chain hoist that is nested comfortably above the bridge. By creating that elevation for the body of the hoist, you can see that the hook is able to travel nearly all the way up to the bottom of the bridge.

The key is creating additional hook travel when you’re seemingly maxed out. If your application has a very large load to move, or requires sizeable tooling, the nested trolley is a great option as well.

Remember to consult MHSCT in regards to your equipment handling needs from Gorbel, as well as a range of other manufacturers.