What do cranes have to do with dinner and breathtaking video footage?

Overhead cranes are commonly used in every step of the steel manufacturing process. The automobile industry also uses overhead cranes to handle raw materials. When we envision a crane we are inclined to see them hard at work in an industrial setting performing material handling tasks, but what are the applications that do not typically come to mind? How else are people putting cranes to work?

Picture this: a dinner party held on a 7-ton platform hoisted over 100 feet high, suspended in mid-air by a 120-ton capacity mobile telescopic crane divided over 5 axes. Dinner in the Sky puts cranes to work in a completely innovative way.


Image source: LA Times

There’s nothing quite like a sweeping crane shot to capture an audience’s attention. Ever wonder how cameras achieve those breathtaking aerial scenes or dramatic “floating camera” shots? The answer: Jib Cranes. Although a camera jib crane and an industrial jib crane are different systems the basic concept is the same: a device with a projecting arm used to lift objects.