The Problem: This distribution company uses a conveyor system that runs throughout the entire facility. Maintenance employees would regularly be climbing and walking all along the conveyors in order to clear jam‐ups as well as to maintain the equipment.

The Solution: The solution was installing multiple ceiling mounted, straight and curved monorail, Gorbel Tether Track anchor systems with self‐retracting lanyards. The Tether Track style chosen was a dual‐trussed monorail that allows more than one worker to be on the conveyors with the ability to pass each other without disconnecting the lanyards from their harnesses.

Read the entire story: A major auto parts distributor was concerned that their maintenance employees were regularly required to climb out onto the extensive conveyor system in order to repair equipment and to eliminate backups in the system. In several areas, the conveyors were suspended rather high off the ground, and with no adjacent flooring, the risk of falling was very clear.

In exploring their options for fall protection, they were concerned that the many areas of curved conveyors, in particular, a floor to ceiling spiral conveyor, would make it impossible to completely cover the conveyors with a monorail fall arrest system.