Gorbel’s Easy Arm™ has made loading and unloading two test stands in different work cells much easier for this pump manufacturer.

Application: Loading Test Stands
This pump manufacturer was looking for a safe and efficient way to load and unload pumps from test stands set up in two different work cells. The pumps are heavy and bulky, weighing up to 80 lbs, and need to be precisely placed on studs extending horizontally from the test stands. Both Easy Arm™ units are equipped with float mode which allows the operators to precisely orient the loads by manipulating them with their hands.

The first work cell (see work cell #1) had very limited space which made locating a mounting point for a FS Easy Arm™ very difficult. A custom engineered short mast Easy Arm™ with float mode was mounted to the top
of the test unit machine.

The second work cell (see work cell #2) had more space. Therefore, a standard Easy Arm™ unit with float mode was installed on the floor in this cell.

The Alternatives
The customer had considered Work Station Jib Cranes with a hoist to use in these work cells, but this alternative could not give them the precision placement they needed to place the pumps on the studs.