A turbine motor overhaul center receives engines that are used in oil and gas industries, power generation and military use. When the turbines are received, they have been in use for long periods of time and are in need of repair and refurbishing. The turbines are unpacked, disassembled and each individual part is inspected for wear and damage.

Injury-Plagued Inspections
After the engines are received, they are broken down and the parts are sent through an inspection area by conveyor where several inspectors wait for the parts to be unloaded and moved to their work bench. The weights of these components vary, some as high as 100 pounds. The manual lifting and twisting was leading to significant lost-time back injuries. The labor was particularly straining for several of the operators who were older and female.

The Gorbel Solution: Free Standing Easy Arm™
The company installed a free standing Easy Arm™ unit at each of the 4 inspection stations. The articulating arm with a 10 foot span allowed enough coverage area for the operator to reach the part as it came down the conveyor, lift it into the work cell, and eventually move the part to a pallet on the floor opposite the conveyor.