Facing an uphill challenge doesn’t make many people sweat at an environmental sewage pump manufacturer in the northeast. In fact, it’s what they deal with every day.

As a manufacturer of sewage grinding pumps and septic systems, many residential and light commercial customers seek the aid of these specialty systems when a simple gravity septic system won’t work. That’s because the pumps they build actually push waste uphill.

At the heart of the grinding pumps is the “pump core”, which is then placed into the shell of the septic tank. The pump core weighs just less than 100 pounds, measures 46” tall and has a 17” diameter at its widest point.

When assembly of the grinder pumps is complete, they are moved by conveyor to the final inspection station. At this work cell, an operator moves the core from the conveyor to a water tank where it is fully submerged in water and connected to a diagnostic machine. Full functionality of the core is tested here in about three minutes, after which they are removed from the tank, drained, and either approved for shipment or rejected for failing one of the critical tests.