As technology continues to transform the world of manual materials handling, more and more businesses are exploring the benefits of Intelligent Lifting Devices (ILDs) over manual lifting and traditional lifting devices. With promises of enhanced productivity, reduced product damage and fewer job site injuries, the arguments in favor of switching over are compelling. But the real question remains: do ILDs live up to these promises?

An offshoot of the robotics field that focuses on human-machine systems, ILDs leverage the strength and power of a machine with the control and cognitive thinking of a human, essentially filling the void between manual and automated robotic solutions. First deployed in material-handling facilities in the late 1990s, ILDs have proven quite valuable.

For example, repetitive-motion tasks such as picking and placing have become exponentially safer and more cost-effective, as worker fatigue and ergonomic-related injuries are virtually eliminated. Precision placements have also been greatly enhanced with products such as Gorbel’s G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Devices, which give workers exceptional product control, reducing the likelihood of damage to both the products being moved and the fixtures and machines they’re being placed into.

In order to quantify the actual ergonomic benefits of its G-Force ILD technology, Gorbel commissioned a third-party study. This report will summarize and highlight the study’s findings. Download the full PDF here.

Manual Lifting vs. Intelligent Lifting: An Ergonomic Comparison Study

Study Highlights

  • Study participants were nearly 70% MORE PRODUCTIVE using Gorbel G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Devices over other lifting methods.
  • Manual lifting required 78% MORE ENERGY than the alternative lifting devices. Among those, Gorbel G-Force Intelligent Lifting Devices required the least amount of energy.
  • Participants were 51% MORE PRODUCTIVE using Gorbel G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Devices for precision-placement applications than they were using other lifting methods.
  • The Gorbel G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device was 3.3X LESS LIKELY to damage the load than the other lifting methods.
  • G-Force Intelligent Lifting Devices required an average of 5.8X LESS HANDLING FORCE to reverse load direction than all of the other devices tested. This can translate into fewer repetitive-motion injuries and their associated costs.

This information was made available by GORBEL. Learn more about GORBEL’s intelligent lifting devices or download the full study here: The Ergonomic Advantages of Intelligent Lifting Devices.

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