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There is always a lot of speculation when a company claims to have expertise in a given field. Is it true or is it just a marketing trick? Materials Handling Systems (MHS) located in West Hartford can claim expert-level abilities because they’ve been around since 1966. That’s over 60 years of experience in the industrial materials handling industry. Don’t think of an old-fashioned, stuck in the 20th Century company. Think of a leading-edge, forward-moving industrial resource that knows what it takes to stay competitive in the 21st Century. That’s what Materials Handling Systems has been, is, and always will be – leading the competition with the best products, service, and customer support in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York.

Materials Handling Systems Leads the Pack

Staying ahead of the competition means providing the best quality products available to meet customer demands. It also means doing your homework to stay on top of constantly evolving technologies to provide the perfect solutions to customer specifications. Training produces expertise and that’s what MHS customers have come to expect for well over a half-century. It all boils down to one thing – trust. Staying in business and helping customers with great products, service, and customer support puts their business out in front and it’s going to stay there.

The Best Crane and Lifting Products

In the materials handling industry, there is a huge variety of manufacturers and suppliers of overhead crane & material handling equipment products. Domestic and foreign manufacturers all compete in today’s marketplace. Materials Handling Systems knows only the best designed, engineered, and manufactured products are going to keep them in business. Quality and innovative features that can be counted on to perform day in and day out without service interruptions are the criteria most important to MHS. Not every manufacturer meets those high standards. Only Gorbel, the recognized leader in the industry, qualifies to be included in the products offered and supported by MHS.

All Types of Gorbel Cranes

Gorbel manufactures a broad range of cranes with many lifting capacities and options. Listed below are some of the different types of cranes along with some of their features:

Bridge Cranes – Keeping floor space and production aisles clear is essential to many production environments and a bridge crane is the perfect solution. Gorbel offers both Top-running and Underhung styles which allow for a 4-way directional movement of loads. Gorbel makes both a ceiling-mounted crane system as well as a free-standing crane that can move indoors and outdoors easily.

Monorail Systems – Moving a load efficiently and quickly makes Monorail systems preferable for simply moving a load forward or backward. Ideal for unloading vehicles and moving pallets or other containers from one point to another, this system can carry loads around curves as well as up and down inclines. The Monorail system can be ceiling-mounted or free-standing and comes in steel or aluminum track construction.

Jib Cranes– Available in both Enclosed Track and Articulating configurations, Jib Cranes are a perfect solution when materials have to be moved around obstacles, through doorways or spotted in different locations. Engineered with heavy-duty mast columns for free-standing applications, the Jib Crane can also be placed on existing building columns to save space.

Gantry Cranes – The most economical way to transport materials is using a Gantry Crane. Gorbel produces Adjustable Height and Fixed Height gantry cranes. Simple to use and low-cost to purchase, many industrial shops, auto service centers, and other smaller environments find these cranes to be a perfect solution for material handling. Gorbel also offers their Gantry Cranes in aluminum to save weight.

Materials Handling Systems Saves Time, Money, and Frustration

For many years, customers have come to count on the experts at Materials Handling Systems for a variety of reasons. When it comes to materials handling and the most advanced as well as reliable technology.

Nobody knows the industry like the folks at MHS. As a member of the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA), the company keeps up on the latest trends, news, products, and safety issues surrounding the materials handling industry.

Warehouses, assembly plants, manufacturing hubs, and a variety of other industrial environments trust MHS to provide the finest products at the most competitive prices with the finest customer support in the four-state area. Experts who care about their customers are hard to find.

MHS has always and will always put customer care as their #1 priority. From purchasing crane and hoist systems, parts, service, or even just a little advice, MHS customers have confidence they’re dealing with the best of the best.

Customers can always submit an inquiry on the contact page or they can send an email to info@mhsct.com. and get immediate attention from MHS’ superior customer support team.

Customers who wish to speak with an expert can always call 860-523-4205 or drop by the office at 77 Grassmere Avenue in West Hartford, New customers are encouraged to call, click, or come into the office to find out why Materials Handling Systems are the hands-down experts in materials handling products.

Located in West Hartford, Connecticut, Material Handing Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of overhead cranes, hoists, lift tables, vertical lifts, conveyors, storage racks, dock equipment, material handling equipment, and guarding/fall protection systems. We have partnered with many of the top manufacturers of these products and can offer competitive pricing, innovative solutions, and our standard reliable service. If you have equipment or materials that you want to move carefully, please contact our offices at 860-523-4205 or fill out the contact form to discuss how it can be used in your business.