There are four categories of overhead crane systems: bridge cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, and monorails. According to Gorbel, these are some basic questions you should ask to determine the best overhead crane system for your needs.

What is the size and shape of the work area you are looking to cover?

Work Station Cranes offer square/rectangular coverage where Jib Cranes offer circular coverage.

Is the crane going to be manual or motorized?

When load weight or operation frequency makes manual rotation non-economical, impractical, or unsafe motorized rotation may be the answer.

What is the type and extent of the structural support available?

Floor supported, ceiling mounted, or wall/column mounted.

What is the capacity of the load?

“Less is More, Don’t Overcrane” – lifting and moving product that weighs 200 lbs. would only require a 250 lb. bridge – don’t go overboard with a 500 lb. bridge.

What is the crane’s environment?

No matter the industry or environment, overhead cranes can help increase safety and productivity.

How will the crane be used in daily operation?

Daily operation can help determine the best ROI of the overhead crane system for your needs.

Source: https://www.gorbel.com/education/cranes/how-to-select-a-crane

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