What are the benefits of Foundationless jib cranes? Learn more about the savings and control offered by foundationless jib cranes as well as offerings from Gorbel.

Save Money

Installing a poured foundation can be expensive, it can cost as much or more than the jib crane itself. With foundationless jib cranes, you eliminate the cost of pouring a concrete foundation, potentially saving thousands.

Save Time

Poured foundations can take up to a week to cure before you can install the jib. Now there’s no waiting. Machine downtime can be reduced by not needing to shut down machines to bring in special equipment to install a foundation.

Location Control

It’s easy to relocate a jib where there’s no poured foundation. That means more flexibility in choosing initial jib location. You can place it closer to machines or other obstructions, because there is no need for a large square foot area for a concrete pour. If your operational flow changes, you can easily relocate the jib to fit your changing needs.

Why Choose Gorbel Foundationless Jib Cranes?

  • More robust standard foundationless offering
  • Optional baseplate to allow for foundationless installs, even with some larger designs
  • Minimal installation requirements

Gorbel Jib Cranes Compatible with Foundationless

  • FS300 I-Beam Jib
  • Work Station Jib
  • Articulating Jib

This information is courtesy of Gorbel. Learn more via Gorbel’s Foundtainless Jib vs. Freestanding Jib Comparison.

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