A leading manufacturer for the automotive industry was having problems with productivity due to worker fatigue and ergonomic issues.
The work cell is in a raised platform. The distance of transport of the parts is about 10 ft. and the parts are lifted vertically a few feet depending on the height of the stack of parts when picked. The operator pulls parts from a rack and places them between the frame rails for assembly onto the frame. Once in position the part is released and the operator runs in a fastener to secure the part.
The assembly line is moving and the frames are suspended from an overhead chain conveyor, making headroom a premium. The operator has to move the lift up or down to pull parts from a stack on a dunnage rack. He then raises the part to clear the side rails of the truck frame on the assembly line for placement of the cross member between the 2 side rails. Once over the installation position the part is lowered and released. The lift is then swung clear of the moving conveyor. This process was causing excessive worker fatigue.
Several lifts were needed and a mechanical manipulator was considered, but the budget was limited and it would have cost twice as much.
The solution was a floor mounted Easy Arm with 165# capacity. The unit has a custom mast height and 12 ft. span to accommodate low overhead needs on a raised work platform.