ABB US is a manufacturer of medium voltage switchgear, reclosers, and padmount switches at their Florida facility. The recloser is a circuit breaker with a mechanism designed to automatically close the breaker when a fault is detected. They are typically mounted on top of an electrical power pole and a low voltage cabinet is mounted to the bottom of the pole. The circuit breakers are 42”W x 30”D x 40”H and weigh 300lbs a piece.
The workers were using a standard crane/hoist with pendent to maneuver the switches but the limited movement increased safety concerns with pinch‐points due to multiple lift up/set down transfers between workstations during the process. The poles were picked and placed at least 3 times before being installed int the cabinets and could not be transferred or handled easily without incident.
The company decided on a 165lb Capacity Easy Arm and a G‐Force Q Intelligent Lifting Device from Gorbel.
The Easy Arm and G‐Force Q provide the workers with superior control and ease of use during the assembly process, and a higher degree of safety when in “float” mode. The company is very happy with the increase in efficiency and the fact that the new equipment is a perfect support for their new work cell layout.