Let Us Worry About Your Annual OSHA Safety Inspections

Materials Handling Systems, Inc. Offers Annual OSHA Safety Inspection Services AND Regularly Scheduled Inspection Services with Preventative Maintenance.

Not only does Materials Handling Systems, Inc. offer annual inspections that satisfy all OSHA requirements, we also have monthly, quarterly or semi-annual inspection programs that can identify repair needs and spot potential problems before they result in expensive repairs, lost production time or workplace injuries.

Daily operation can wear heavily on equipment components. Over time, this may lead to breakdowns, employee injuries and costly repairs. To prevent potentially serious problems and costly machine breakdowns Materials Handling has designed a more frequent preventative maintenance and inspection program to ensure that your equipment is operating at its best, not only through OSHA required inspections, but throughout the year.

All services are completed by trained and certified technicians who have extensive knowledge of equipment operation, including diagnostics, maintenance, safety and repair. Minor repairs can be handled at the time of inspection and if more extensive repairs are needed, Materials Handling Systems, Inc. will provide a detailed estimate along with an approximate timeframe, so you can budget and plan downtime for your cranes and equipment. Let us worry about your keeping your equipment Keep your equipment on the jobsite, increase productivity, and minimize the risk of injury in the workplace with regularly scheduled inspections by Materials Handling Systems, Inc.

Contact us today to sign up for our comprehensive inspection and maintenance program and let Materials Handling to help you achieve a safer, more productive workplace.