Just In Time CNC Machining, Inc. was relocating to a new facility and looking for a lifting solution that would be flexible as the company continued to grow. The materials processed here range from large productions runs to smaller runs or prototypes, which means they handle a wide variety of size and weight. Due to the layout of the facility, Just In Time (JIT) was looking for one crane system that would service several CNC machines and the full selection of products
without interfering with the current flow of materials.

The building they were moving into was leased, and ceilings were very high, which made the application less suitable for a ceiling mounted system. The location of building columns, CNC machines and loading bays provided plenty of obstacles to work around, and made fitting one floor supported crane system into the facility a significant challenge.

The Gorbel Solution
JIT purchased a Gorbel freestanding work station crane with three 23-foot long, 1000 pound capacity aluminum bridges.


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