Cranes 101: Offset Load Platforms

Matthew Houck 

Not all lifting applications are as simple as picking a load straight up and moving it left or right. For those applications where a manipulator is required, or where you’re using Gorbel’s Underhung Easy Arm® or ceiling mounted articulating jibs to reach outside of your overhead crane system, Gorbel offers offset load platforms.


The offset load platform is supported by four trolleys with a clevis that attaches to the platform frame. The trolleys ride in two pieces of Gorbel’s enclosed track, either it’s two bridges, or two monorails for applications that only need movement in a straight line.


The offset load platform is designed to accommodate the natural movement you would expect when you are lifting a heavy load off-center from the support point while still delivering the smooth, easy movement of our enclosed track cranes. This is achieved by both the articulation of the clevis trolleys, as well as the four vertical and two horizontal wheels of each trolley that prevent binding and kick up.

The offset load platform can be ordered as either the full kit with the track, trolleys and platform, or as individual components. That allows the platform itself to be engineered by others, but still work perfectly with your Gorbel system. A bronze clevis option is also available for an additional articulation point.