Gorbel’s Work Station Crane with telescoping bridges provided a Wisconsin valve maker with a cost effective way to handle a growing work cell.

Husco International is a world leader in providing products and services that optimize the performance, control and safety of mobile equipment. This particular work cell in their Wisconsin plant handles valves which are supplied to a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment.

Handle With Care
This application involves moving valves, weighing up to 225# a piece, through the various stations in a finishing cell. This cell operates 3 shifts that handle from 50 to 60 valves a day.

The plant was already using work station and jib cranes in other areas. When they looked into material handling equipment for this new work cell, their first plan was to use jib cranes. While the rotation of the jibs allowed them to cover a wide area, the jibs were not an ideal solution in this cell. The rotation of the jibs was often uncontrolled, and the plant ran the risk of the manipulators hitting or damaging expensive machinery and equipment.