Case Studies

December 23, 2014

Getting It Right With A Work Station Crane Before Production Started

When John Morley Decided to open Regal Granite & Marble in 2004, he did his homework first. He selected top raw materials providers, chose his location carefully, and researched his equipment purchases. Having been in

Work Station Crane Helps Service Two Welding Robots

The customer is a manufacturer of motorized recreational and industrial carts. In this work cell, a steel tube frame and a welding jig are used to form the cart frame. The final dimensions of the finished frame when lifted

Gorbel Workstation Cranes Improve Safety and Productivity for Automotive Manufacturer

A manufacturer of small stamped metal parts used in automobile manufacturing was looking to reorganize and expand their manufacturing work cell space. Previously, the company had metal and stamping machines placed in a lin

Work Station Crane Helps Double Productivity

Professional Fabrications, Inc. is a small fabrication shop in suburban Wisconsin which cuts and forms sheet metal for radiators, generators and other electrical applications. The sheet metal being handled typically measur

Wire Company Gets Productivity Jolt with Gorbel Workstation Crane

A manufacturer of insulated power and control cables for use in consumer electronics, aerospace and petrochemical industries was experiencing a drag in productivity and risking injury in its “bunching” application.

For Municipal Transportation Authority, It’s Not Always Easy Being “Green”

A municipal transportation authority for a major northeast city took a turn towards a healthier environment when adding to its fleet of buses. Over the past two years, the company has been replacing old buses with more fue

Tether Track Monorails Keep Workers Safe Over Conveyor Systems

The Problem: This distribution company uses a conveyor system that runs throughout the entire facility. Maintenance employees would regularly be climbing and walking all along the conveyors in order to clear jam‐ups as w

No Challenge Too Steep (or Deep) For Easy Arm

Facing an uphill challenge doesn’t make many people sweat at an environmental sewage pump manufacturer in the northeast. In fact, it’s what they deal with every day. As a manufacturer of sewage grinding pumps and s

Risk Takers Heed Warning When It Comes To Risking Employee’s Safety…

Risk taking is familiar business to Renegage/Kibbi, LLC. Excluded from an RV show in 1997 for not being a member of the presenting organization, Kibbi set up shop in the parking lot. Dubbing themselves “Renegades”, the

Gorbel Helps Distribution Center Improve Productivity

Application This customer was a manufacturer who received a multi-year contract from a large national retailer to supply retail products for regional distribution centers. The manufacturer was required to build individual