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December 18, 2014

Cleveland Tramrail® keeps industrial laundry manufacturer churning for over a quarter century

This company manufactures industrial laundry machines. At their main factory, the large washers and dryers are built from the ground up, beginning with sheet metal formation all the way to completed products. The manufac

Automobile Suspension Installation Easier with Gorbel Easy Arm

When an automobile manufacturer decided to build two different automobile models at one assembly plant in Turkey, they knew they needed to improve their processes. They had recently installed a system of G‐Force Q 660

The Gorbel Free Standing Bridge Crane Increases Productivity Ten-Fold and Reduces Injury and Fatigue in the Workplace!

This Canadian automotive manufacturer needed to add overhead lifting equipment to their facility that  had been converted from a warehouse to a manufacturing operation. They needed to be able to lift engines and transm

Easy Arm® Increases Productivity By Allowing Operator To Lift Five Times As Many Parts…

A major tier one auto parts supplier stamps round sheet metal blanks into clutch hubs and clutch housings for automatic transmissions. The thin blanks range in diameter from 6- 14” and weigh up to 8 pounds each. They a

Easy Arm Reduces Operator Fatigue and Increases Productivity

A leading manufacturer for the automotive industry was having problems with productivity due to worker fatigue and ergonomic issues. The work cell is in a raised platform. The distance of transport of the parts is about

Gorbel Easy Arms Help Reduce Injuries And Lead To Increased Productivity…

When reviewing statistics from the previous year, the Safety Manager at an aluminum castings company in the northwest saw something he couldn’t ignore. “Of all the injuries and complaints we had, 47% of them were the

Cranes Lift Aircraft Firm’s Productivity

An aircraft maintenance remanufacturing plant in Canada needed a safer, more productive process for disassembling and reassembling turbine engine reduction gear boxes without product damage. The operation utilized a
July 8, 2014

Does Your Equipment Meet OSHA Safety Compliance Standards?

Let Us Worry About Your Annual OSHA Safety Inspections Materials Handling Systems, Inc. Offers Annual OSHA Safety Inspection Services AND Regularly Scheduled Inspection Services with Preventative Maintenance. Not onl
June 26, 2014

How Can Materials Handling Equipment Improve My Business?

Material handling equipment: is all equipment that relates to the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposa
June 21, 2014

Cranes 101: Nested Trolleys

In a low headroom situation, every inch counts. Heck, in some applications - every sixteenth of an inch counts. Whether you're in the basement of a foundry or an in plant office, there are times when finding the right solu