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December 23, 2014

Easy Arm™ Eases Back Strain in Recreational Vehicle Assembly Application

The Application: A machining station at a manufacturing plant for recreational sport vehicles starts with a raw steel casting and loads it into a machine for cutting, shaping and refinement of what will become flywheels f

Speed Control Made Easy with Gorbel Tractor Drives

A Company that manufactures food processing machinery was looking to improve their production processes. Ergonomic justification was the goal of the project along with safety and protection of the machinery in the cell. In

Precision Placement Protects Pumps On The Test Stand

Gorbel’s Easy Arm™ has made loading and unloading two test stands in different work cells much easier for this pump manufacturer. Application: Loading Test Stands This pump manufacturer was looking for a safe and e

Overhead Material Handling Solutions: Reducing Back Injuries

Background A turbine motor overhaul center receives engines that are used in oil and gas industries, power generation and military use. When the turbines are received, they have been in use for long periods of time and ar

No Lost Time Accidents Since Addition of Gorbel Bridge Crane

Hawe North America was an existing Gorbel user when they discovered they had a problem with a new product assembly workflow. This new work cell required workers to “pick and place” large parts during the assembly proce

Increased Productivity By Making The Load Managable

Application: Loading Web Film into Machines This manufacturer makes plastic products used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Workers teamed up to load rolls of web plastic packaging material weighing 150 to 25

Increased Productivity or Glass Mirror Manufacturer

Application: Moving Mirrors Through Packaging Process A glass mirror manufacturer makes large mirrors for the furniture industry. In the packaging process of these mirrors, the large, heavy (up to 300 lbs.) sheets of gla

Company Expanded The Work Cell Without Making Costly Modifications To Existing Crane System

Gorbel's Work Station Crane with telescoping bridges provided a Wisconsin valve maker with a cost effective way to handle a growing work cell. Husco International is a world leader in providing products and services tha

Production In Work Cell Increases 500% With Help Of Easy Arm™

A components supplier of commercial lawn mowing equipment installed a new press brake for forming sheet metal into the decks for large mowers. The brake bends the ends of pre-cut sheet metal and forms deck plates that meas

Custom Supports Give Machine Shop Freedom & Flexibility

Just In Time CNC Machining, Inc. was relocating to a new facility and looking for a lifting solution that would be flexible as the company continued to grow. The materials processed here range from large productions runs